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  Our Iberian Cured Ham

Nuestro jamón

An indispensable condition to obtain and authentic Iberian cured ham is the meadow (forest rich in acorns), in which pigs are raised in total freedom. Without this condition, it wouldn’t be possible an Iberian cured ham 100% in extensive regime.

The Extremadura’s Iberian Ham (guarantee of origin and quality)) is characterized by a number or parameters that influence our senses:

  • Sight: they are deep and bright red with pearly fat
  • Touch: they are light, silky and smooth
  • Smell: they are sweet and penetrating
  • Taste: they are an explosive sensation on the palate, slow melt and infinite aftertaste.

More than 36 months in the wine cellar are necessary to obtain the guarantee of original and quality of Extremadura’s Iberian cured ham. In La Olla de la Plaza Nueva we work with Extremadura houses which retain in the manufacture of its products all the knowledge and expertise of Extremadura’s craft traditions. A secular experience whose base is the respect to the meadow’s peculiar ecosystem, full of oaks and corks, in which Iberian pigs are raised and fed.

The renowned Iberian Ham with guarantee of Extremadura’s origin and quality is cured for at least 36 months in the wine cellar, to reach its optimum point, ensuring quality controlling the whole cycle from the selection to the distribution and commercialization. We want you to taste this delight with its gastronomy attributes intact.