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  Welcome to La Olla de la Plaza Nueva

In La Olla de la Plaza Nueva we offer top-quality products that can be tasted in our wide variety of snacks.  We have a spectacular bar that our customers enjoy every day. They know they will taste the most exceptional Iberian Cured Ham selected among the best Ham in the mountainous areas of Extremadura and Salamanca, our delicious Cantabrian Tuna as well as our exquisite anchovies.

Come around and enjoy our large selection of deliciously prepared snacks and sandwiches accompanied by a wide range of our selected wines, melts of ham and cheese and our rations.

The strict selection from the origin of these products defines La Olla De La Plaza Nueva as a reference, in the renowned cuisine of the Basque Country.

First prize for the best pintxos bar Bizkaia 2015-2016